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Early in September our instrumental faculty will be visiting each elementary school to invite fourth- and fifth-grade students to participate in this exciting program which offers them opportunity to learn how to play a wind, brass, percussion or string instrument. This program is important because, as an integral part of the K–12 music curriculum, it is the foundation of the award-winning middle school and high school band and orchestral programs. Participation in our instrumental program not only prepares a student for membership in an elementary and secondary ensemble, but also develops skills in self-discipline, flexible ways of thinking, concentration, decision making, physical coordination and aural perception. Additionally, participants in the program have found the experience builds self-esteem and self-confidence as well as nurturing a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Most of all, it can be fun!

Beginning in grade four, students have the opportunity to participate in group lessons during the school day on the violin, viola, or cello. Students receive instruction in small groups with an instrumental specialist once a week for 30 minutes. In grade five students may begin or continue study of a string instrument (including beginning bass) or may begin a wind, brass or percussion instrument. Like the string instruments, students receive small group instruction with an instrumental specialist for 30 minutes per week. To enhance their experience, all beginning band students and second-year string students are also encouraged to participate in the All-Town Band or Orchestra which meet for one hour each Thursday afternoon during the school year.

As a service to parents, the Music Department schedules a special “Instrumental Rental Night” at Lexington High School. At this time, local instrumental dealers will be in attendance to assist in the rental or purchase of an instrument prior to the beginning the “lesson season.” This is one way of obtaining an instrument. You may already have an instrument or you may wish to contact a reputable dealer directly after your son or daughter decides which instrument he/she wants to play.

There are high school students willing and able to tutor younger students (for community service or a modest fee).